IBASE offers x86- and RISC-based industrial motherboards, embedded systems, panel PCs, digital signage players, and network appliances for applications in the AIoT, industrial automation, smart retail, networking & communication, intelligent transportation, and medical sectors.


IBASE's AIoT computing solutions leverage high-end processors and can be integrated with advanced AI chips such as GPU, FPGA and AI module to perform multiple, simultaneous high-speed computations for deep learning implementation with improved accuracy and performance.

Industrial Automation

From x86-based or RISC-based boards to system-level products, IBASE provides a full set of industrial motherboards, embedded systems, IoT gateway edge computers, touch panel PC, and HMI turnkey solutions to meet the trends and needs of the industrial automation applications.

Smart Retail

As the retail environment became more connected, IBASE has well-positioned its design team to offer various hardware solutions such as a series of digital signage players, industrial motherboards, embedded systems and panel PCs to help retailers build up a smarter retail environment.

Networking & Communication

IBASE offers high-speed network appliance solutions for different market segments and applications, including enterprise network security, IoT security, advanced threat protection, UTM, firewall, VPN, content filtering, SDN/NFV/SD-WAN, vCPE/uCPE and remote access server.

Intelligent Transportation

Designed with robust industrial-grade electronics to ensure road safety, IBASE offers a comprehensive range of intelligent transportation PC solutions, including EN50155:2017 and E-mark certified computers and panel PCs design for railway and in-vehicle applications.


IBASE complied with standards of the ISO 13485, the world's most recognized medical device standard, to prove its qualification to manufacture industrial panel PCs and ODM boards/systems for the medical instruments and nursing care facilities industries.

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