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IAt IBASE, we take pride in our ability to provide customized robust outdoor tablets that are tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Our tablets are built to withstand the toughest conditions and rugged handling, making them the ideal choice for industries such as construction, manufacturing, retail, and logistics.   

Our 5G-enable outdoor tablets ensure seamless connectivity through a variety of communication options including WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular, and GPS, enabling reliable performance even in remote locations. They are designed to be water, dust, and drop resistant, ensuring durability in challenging environments. Featuring a bright and durable touchscreen display, the tablets remain easily readable even in bright sunlight, ensuring optimal visibility for outdoor use.

Product Features

Sunlight Readable Display

Sunlight Readable Display

Easy to Read Even in Bright Sunlight

  • Constructed with anti-glare coating and heat reflection & UV-resistant materials.

  • Designed with ambient light sensor and automatic brightness & dimming controls.

Rugged Case & IP65 Water-resistant Enclosure

Rugged Case & IP65 Water-resistant Enclosure

Provides Protection Against Water, Dust, Drops & Impacts

  • Robust industrial-grade design with IP65 water-resistant enclosure and rugged case protection against drops and impacts.

  • Operates reliably under harsh outdoor conditions with wide-range operating temperature from -20°C to 60°C.

Hot-swappable Battery with Long Battery Life

Hot-swappable Battery with Long Battery Life

Extended Periods of Time without Requiring Frequent Recharging

  • Fast charging battery that can be easily swapped out without powering down the device.

  • Battery backup provides power to the tablet in case the primary battery runs out of charge.
Various Communication & Expansion Options

Various Communication & Expansion Options

Supports 5G/LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular, GPS & NFC

  • 5G-enabled communications handle live video streams and bandwidth-intensive tasks.

  • Multi-mode ten-finger, stylus, rain & glove touch panel, expandable with camera, sensors and barcode scanner.

Ability to Handle Data-intensive Tasks

Ability to Handle Data-intensive Tasks

Industrial-grade Components for Handheld Rugged Mobile Computing

  • Built-in with the latest Intel and AMD processors for rugged high-performance mobile computing.

  • Equipped with industrial-grade memory with plenty of storage space.

Application Stories

Container Yard Management

Container Yard Management

The industrial-grade outdoor tablet can be incorporated into a yard management system to bring creativity and connectivity, enabling seamless tracking of arrivals and departures, and logging of location and load status, solving the challenges of distribution and manufacturing center yards.

Public Transportation Application

Public Transportation Application

The robust tablet can be used on public buses as a mobile router for ticketing and data exchange. It enables real-time info exchange, with each bus's server constantly updated with new data from the central server, and on-board transactions sent instantly to the central system.

Ski Slope Management

Ski Slope Management

The rugged outdoor tablet can be deployed in snow grooming machines to roll, pack and remove snow to create ideal conditions for skiers. The tablet uses a GPS receiver to determine its current position and altitude and can be mounted on the front of the dashboard.

Our Advantages



In house electrical, mechanical and thermal design with hardware/software reliability & compatibility validation.


To ensure long-term supply, high-quality components are sourced with effective product lifecycle management.


Adopts the latest solutions from both Intel and AMD to ensure a high level of computing performance.


Provides comprehensive after-sales services and technical support to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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