Industrial Automation


PCI-E 4 Axis Motion Control Card

On-board 4-axis motion control with Max. 6.5MHz pulse output rateLinear, circular, helical and continuous interpolationHigh speed position latch functionSimultaneously start/stop on multiple axesProgrammable pulse output and interruptPosition compare and trigger outputCompare output FIFO x 2Hardware IC with unique ID
Pulse output mode OUT/DIR, CW/CCW, A/B
Pulse output rate Max. 6.5Mpps
Position range 32 bits
Position latch input LTC x 4, 1024 points / ch.;
LTC x 4, 2048 points / ch. (A)
Position compare output CMP x 4, 2048 points / ch.;
CMP x 4, 4096 points / ch.(A)
Incremental encoder input ±EA x 4, ±EB x 4
Encoder index signal input ±EZ x 4
Machine interface PEL x 4, MEL x 4, ORG x 4, SLD x 4
Servo driver interface ALM x 4, RDY x 4, SVON x 4, INP x 4, ERC x 4, ALMRST x 4
Simultaneous start/stop motion input STA, STP
Emergency input EMG x 1
I/O pin type Optically isolated with 3750Vrms on all SCSI 100 pin
Counter for encoder feedback signals 32 bits
Interpolation mode Linear, circular, helical and continuous
Home return mode 13 types
Velocity profiles T-curve and S-curve
Bus interface 1-lane 2.5Gb/s PCI Express
Power consumption 3.3VDC at 430mA, 12VDC at 55mA typical
Working temperature 0 to 60°C
PCE-M114 4-Axis Motion card
107-T141-GEN Terminal board for 4-axis (option)
107-T142-GEN Terminal board for 4-axis (option)
107-T160-DUMP Terminal board for 4-axis (option)
107-T161-DUM Terminal board for 4-axis (option)
SCB-166-20A SCSI 100 pin, 2M