Industrial Automation


High-density isolated digital input card

80-Ch. Digital InputPCI Express x1 compliantUnique Board ID
Surge protection 10KV
I/O isolation voltage 3750Vrms
Number of inputs 80 Ch.
Input types NPN/ PNP
Input impedance 5.6KΩ/0.5W
Input logic Logic 0: 0V to 1.5V;
Logic 1: 5V to 24V
Response time On to Off, about 50µs;
Off to On, about 10µs
I/O pin type Optically isolated with 3.75KVrms on all SCSI 100 pin
Bus interface 1-lane 2.5Gb/s PCI Express
Power consumption 3.3VDC at 430mA, 12VDC at 55mA typical
Working temperature 0 to 60°C
PCE-D150A-SX 80 Ch. Digital input
107-T160-DUM General-purpose Terminal board(option)
107-T161-DUM General-purpose Terminal board (option)
SCB-166-20A SCSI 100 pin, 2M(option)