Industrial Automation

EZE-D4xx Series

16-Ch. DI/O Module

Max. 100Mbps transfer rateLED diagnosticDIP switch for address settingCustomize PCB mounting (L-98 x W-26 x H-77 mm)
Serial interface Fast Ethernet, Full-Duplex
Distributed clock 1ms
Cable type CAT5 UTP/STP Ethernet cable
Surge protection 10KV
Transmission speed 100 Mbps
I/O isolation voltage 3750Vrms
Number of inputs 8-Ch.
Input types NPN / PNP type
Input impedance 5.6KΩ/0.5W
Input current ±5mA(Max)
Number of outputs 8-Ch. / 16-Ch.
Output types NPN / PNP type
Response time On to Off, about 50µs;
Off to On, about 10µs
Power supply 24VDC±10%
Power consumption 3W typical
Working temperature 0 to 60℃
EZE-D402-XN 16-Ch. Digital output (DO) with NPN type
EZE-D411-NN 8-Ch. DI and 8-Ch. DO with NPN type
EZE-D402-XP 16-Ch. Digital output (DO) with PNP type
EZE-D411-PP 8-Ch. DI and 8-Ch. DO with PNP type