Industrial Automation


4-Axis Motion Control Slave Module

4-axis Motion Controller Motionnet® slave modules28-bit counter for incremental encoderLinear, circular and continuous interpolationProgrammable acceleration and deceleration timeT-curve and S-curve velocity profiles supportChange speed/position on-the-flyPosition compare and trigger outputCompare output FIFO x 2Dimensions: L-120 x W-64 x H-80 mm
Serial interface Half duplex RS-485 with transformer isolation
Cable type CAT5 UTP/STP Ethernet cable
Surge protection 10KV
Transmission speed 2.5Mbps, 5Mbps, 10Mbps and 20Mbps
Position latch input LTC x 4
Position compare output CMP x 2, 512 points / ch.;
CMP x 2
Incremental encoder input ±EA x 4, ±EB x 4
Encoder index signal input ±EZ x 4
Machine interface PEL x 4, MEL x 4, ORG x 4, SLD x 4
Servo driver interface ALM x 4, RDY x 4, SVON x 4, INP x 4, ERC x 4
Programmable pulse output mode OUT/DIR, CW/CCW, A/B phase
Programmable pulse command speed Max. 6.5Mpps
Counter for encoder feedback signals 28 bits
Home return mode 13 types
Velocity profiles T-curve and S-curve
Power supply 18VDC to 36VDC
Power consumption 3W typical
Working temperature 0 to 60°C
106-M304T 4-axis moiton slave module
106-M304TE 4-axis moiton slave module with manual pulse generator
106-M304TD 4-axis moiton slave module with 8 DI / 8 DO​
104-T304 20-pin Box header for machinery I/O
SCB-193-10A/20A/30A-DA2/MJ3/YS5/PA5/SAN/GEN DB26 - SCSI 50 pin cable, 1M/2M/3M
SCB-1BB-06A/10A/20A/30A/50A/A0A CAT5 LAN cable, 0.6M/1M/2M/3M/5M/10M