ODM / JDM Services

IBASE specializes in the design and manufacturing of industrial PC products. We offer original design manufacturing and joint design manufacturing services that include board/system specification design, software design, manufacturing, validation and after services to fully meet customers' expectation and the needs of various applications. IBASE attaches great importance to research and development, investing heavily in manpower and resources in order to continuously provide innovative and high quality products. With years of accumulated expertise and experience, the company has built innovative core technologies and services.

Having well-trained R&D, experienced project management, in-house manufacturing and after sales service staff, our ODM services can cover the complete spectrum of the product life cycle from concept to design and manufacturing. IBASE's R&D team boasts of talented electronics, layout, system, mechanical hardware and BIOS, firmware as well as software engineers, half of whom are seasoned with more than 15 years of experience in their respective fields, while the other 45 percent carry more than five years of experience. Because of this core architecture design capability covering board level to system level product design and product assembly, IBASE's R&D team is always able to respond to prevailing market conditions and use the latest technology to design products that are in line with market demand, whether they are standard or ODM/JDM customized products.

ODM/JDM Customization Services

Strict Revision Control

Revision control for changes made on products are handled by the product management and R&D teams. These controls are in place to ensure the maintenance of document history and traceability based on product specifications, as well as customer requirements, and to prevent costly manufacturing mistakes that may arise due to revision confusion. Product Life Cycle Management – Revision Control