The global medical industry is one of the world's fastest growing industries. It consists of broad services offered by various hospitals, physicians, diagnostic laboratories, nursing homes and pharmacies that are supported by manufacturers and suppliers of drugs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, medical equipment. IBASE complied with standards of the ISO 13485, the world's most recognized medical device standard, to prove its qualification to manufacture industrial panel PCs for the medical instruments and nursing care facilities industries.
UMT-7211 21.5" Versatile Medical Panel PC

The UMT-7211 is a 21.5" full-flat medical panel PC designed for hospital patient infotainment system for the clinic, bedside or waiting areas to provide clinical data, medical records management, or simply infotainment. This slender full-flat multi-touch fanless panel PC has IP65 and IP54 protection against particles and water, and capacitive control keypads for power and brightness/volume settings. Supporting 90V~240V AC and isolated Ethernet, the unit has extra I/Os and one PCI-E (x4) expansion slot for customer-desired peripherals.

The system is based on the 6th Gen Intel® Core® i5-6300U processor. It offers diverse installation options, providing more convenient installations in wards, nursing stations or inspection centers to improve data access efficiency and optimize workflow. It is easy to clean and has a borderless design, an easy-read display, a responsive touch interface, and a sealed enclosure that prevents liquid splashing, ensuring continuous system operation.

UMT-7211 21.5" Versatile Medical Panel PC