Industrial Automation

In step with the growing global demand for smart factory automation and the upcoming trend for machine to machine communication systems and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), IBASE offers a variety of solutions ideal for automating and monitoring industrial processes in a wide range of environments. From x86-based or RISC-based board to system level products, IBASE provides a full set of industrial motherboard, embedded system, IoT gateway computer, touch panel PC and HMI turnkey solutions to meet the trends and needs of Industry 4.0, IIoT and smart factory applications.
Board/System Level Solutions

IBASE is capable of offering off-the-shelf or customized design products including form factors ranging from x86-based 3.5" SBC, Mini-ITX, ATX, CPU module, CPU card, embedded system to RISC-based SBC, SMARC modules for use in industrial automation and smart factory applications.

IoT Gateway Solutions

The IBASE Intel® Apollo Lake-based AGS Series intelligent IoT gateway computer system designed for industrial control and factory automation applications can be used as an IoT gateway platform to connect devices and securely transfer data to clouds, or as a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) gateway, providing interconnection of wired or wireless devices to enhance workflow in various industrial environments.

Industrial Panel PC Solutions

For production processes in harsh indoor/outdoor industrial environments, IBASE has offerings to meet requirements from machine operation, data processing to monitoring and motion control tasks. These include various x86 or ARM-based stainless steel, fanless all-in-one, open frame  or heavy-duty industrial panel PCs sizing from 4" to 21.5" or above, and may include projected capacitive, resistive or IR touch screen operation options.

Industrial HMI Solutions

IBASE offers HMI turnkey solutions for IIoT applications. With excellent hardware durability, superior platform performance and user-friendly software user interface, these industrial HMI solutions are widely used in industrial controls and factory automation applications. Also available is the iFace Designer, an intuitive screen design tool that is extremely easy and straightforward to use. It provides editing tools and theme based formatting that allows information and machine status to be understood at a glance.

Industrial HMI IIoT Solutions

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