IKS2700 Intelligent 27" Interactive Self-Service Kiosk
SP-63E The IKS2700 is a multifunctional self-service Kiosk comes with electronic payment systems and multiple functions. It can be connected to various modular equipment such as NFC proximity card readers, receipt printers and scanners etc. which can be widely used as a self-service machine for restaurant food ordering, cinemas ticket purchasing, airport check-in, retail store counter and other purposes. The system offers customized CPU options that users can choose from 8th Gen Intel® Core™ or AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000 processor. The IKS2700 has a 27-inch 1920x1080 resolution screen and 10-point projected capacitive touch panel. It adopts a modular design concept to meet the needs of different fields that not only can the upper half of the fuselage be equipped with a base or wall-mounted design, but also provides various optional functional modules that can be selected according to different requirements and fully meet the needs of smart retail applications.
taiwanexcellence2021 Taiwan Excellence 2022
MPT-500R EN50155-Certified Railway Gateway Computer
SP-63E The MPT-500R is a compact intelligent gateway computer designed for railway applications. The system uses the latest Intel low-power processors with high-speed LPDDR4 memory and supports 2.5 Gbps high-speed Ethernet. It provides two PoE ports, providing power to the camera and performing artificial intelligence identification. The MPT-5000R supports a wide temperature operating range of -30°C to +70°C and up to 3Grms/3~500Hz vibration resistance, allowing the system to operate stabely even in harsh environments. It also provides expansion slots for connection to 5G, 4G/LTE or WiFi module to achieve dual wireless broadband backup. It is designed with an innovative shaft mechanism that requires only simple tools to disassemble and maintain the system. The product has obtained the CE/FCC safety certification and passed the EU EN501555 rail and EN45545-2 rail-flame-resistant certifications that helps solve customers' safety needs in the rail transit environment.
taiwanexcellence2022 Taiwan Excellence 2022
CMB100M Industrial-grade AI Computing System
SP-63E The CMB100M is an industrial-grade AI computing system aiming at ultra-speed demand of AI analytics or machine learning applications. Users can insert two Nvidia RTX 30 series GPU cards at the same time for AI identification purpose and all data can be stored within numbers of storage deveices. The rich I/O interfaces includes USB ports, serial ports and dual GbE LAN ports. The system supports 9th Gen Intel® Core™ desktop deca-core processors that can operate at temperatures between 0°C and 45°C and vibration at 3Grms. It features iSMART energy-saving technology for automatic system power on/off scheduling, power resume control and boot-up in low temperature environments. The CMB100M comes with 500W (a maximum of 850W can be replaced) and supports IEC 62368-1 ATX power supply to meet the needs of various power supply requirements. In addition, it supports M.2 for 4G/LTE or WiFi module for network connection purposes.
taiwanexcellence2022 Taiwan Excellence 2022
SP-63E 24-Port Video Wall Digital Signage Player
SP-63E The SP-63E is an extreme performance video wall signage player featuring up to 24x HDMI display outputs for 8K/12K video wall or menu board signage display applications in the smart retail market. Powered by 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processor, it offers optimal performance and cost-optimized video wall signage solutions, built with hardware EDID emulation, last frame capture and display status monitoring functions. The SP-63E allows users to remotely check on-site status and to solve any arising display and cable issues. It implements Intel® Arria® 10 FPGA modules, which are powered independently, capture and display the last video frame in case of system malfunction. The system also supports IBASE unique iSMART energy-saving and Observer remote control technologies that enables power on/off scheduling and power resume functions remotely. It can also integrate with Intel OpenVINO toolkit allowing future expansion with analytics and deep learning technologies for advanced AI workload.
taiwanexcellence2021 Taiwan Excellence 2021
AMI230 Industrial AI Computer
AMI230 The AMI230 is a robust embedded system based on the 9th/8th Gen Intel® Core™ platform. Developed for smart factory, industrial automation, AIoT and other applications in harsh environments, the rugged AMI230 delivers exceptional computing and graphics performance with an extended operating temperature range of -20°C to 70°C, operating vibration up to 3Grms and over/under/reverse voltage protection.The AMI230 houses the Intel® Q370 MB230AF motherboard and is equipped with multiple high speed I/O including 8x USB 3.1, 4x COM, and 3x M.2 (B-Key, E-Key & M-Key) for NVMe storage, WiFi and 4G/LTE options, and HDMI/DP/DVI-D display interface. It also features four Gigabit Ethernet ports making it highly suitable for network related applications, iAMT (11.6) for system remote management and repair, TPM (2.0) security for preventing phishing attacks, and iSMART green technology for power on/off scheduling and power resume functions.
taiwanexcellence2021 Taiwan Excellence 2021
MRD-286 EN50155 Certified AIO 28.6" Bar-Type Panel PC
MRD-286 The MRD-286 is an EN50155 certified AIO 28.6" bar-type panel PC. It integrates an Intel® Pentium® Processor, powered by a 24VDC or 110VDC power input. Built with an ultra-wide TFT active matrix LCD screen, the system can ideally serve as signage display delivering advertising and providing passengers with the current information on arrival and departure times at targeted areas in the vicinity of airports or train stations. The MRD-286 complies with EN50155 international standards, ready to be deployed in various rolling stock applications where rigorous shock and vibration requirements should be met. Its sunlight readable panel provides enhanced graphical performance (1920 x 540) with a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, ensuring excellent visibility from any direction. The unit has an IP-65 rated front panel and supports up to 8GB of system memory, a 64GB SSD storage, and useful I/O interfaces including an M12 GbE connector, an RS-232/422/485 port and two USB 2.0 ports.
taiwanexcellence2021 Taiwan Excellence 2021
MPT-1000R Railway Computer System
MPT-1000R The MPT-1000R Intelligent Traffic Image Computer was developed for rolling stock applications, with features that meet IIOV, Intelligent Internet of Vehicle and harsh outdoor environment requirements. The shock-resistant system is powered by an Intel® Atom™ x7 processor, operating in extended temperatures between -40°C and 70°C and with 9V-36VDC power input. It has robust M12 waterproof connectors and waterproof antenna connectors that ensure fault-free data transmission in rail vehicle monitoring & railway track side control box applications. Featuring a unique one-click recovery of peripheral expansion card as well as automatic voltage protection, it is certified with EN50155 and EN45545 fire test standards. Designed for ease of use and maintenance, the innovative MPT-1000R overcomes space constraints and high installation costs, supporting an all-in-one cable-free setup with high-speed connectors that handle power and interface requirements without a glitch.
Taiwan Excellence 2021
MPT-8000AR Railway Computer System
MPT-8000AR The MPT-8000AR embedded system was designed for the Intelligent IoV (The internet of vehicles) market and is certified with EN50155 rolling stock standards and EN45545 fire safety parameters. It has an innovative modular design that satisfies diverse applications with easy peripheral replacement and expansion. The system can be equipped with video cameras and sensors to scan for traffic signs or signals to control speed or to detect static obstacles in time to stop based on data analysis. Vehicle and passenger information can also be transmitted via cloud to the control center for remote monitoring to ensure a safe journey for passengers. The MPT-8000AR features self-debugging and battery power control. GPIO and G-sensor control software Utility with system hardware monitoring technology allows connection to various devices for enhanced reliability and availability. The solution can be extended to intelligent surveillance equipment and vehicle network management systems.
taiwanexcellence2021 Taiwan Excellence 2021
VINO2100 Artificial Intelligence Image Recognition Kiosk
VINO2100 The VINO2100 is an artificial intelligence image recognition kiosk developed for the AI image recognition market. It is equipped with a high-performance Intel Core CPU and a reliable industrial motherboard populated with both active and passive components that ensure 24/7 data processing and system operation without breakdown. The system supports infrared cameras and high-resolution digital lenses together and deploys the Intel OpenVINO toolkit to speed up image recognition. It has a thin and light weight design, with smooth and attractive streamlined round edge. Following the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, it can be used to intercept people not wearing face mask and who fail the body temperature test. The system can be installed in train stations, airports, shopping malls, schools or hospitals to maintain social distancing and conduct massive temperature screening. The built-in medical grade camera offers precise body temperature test so won’t mix up with face or drink temperature.
taiwanexcellence2021 Taiwan Excellence 2021
SW-101-N Outdoor IP68-rated Waterproof Digital Signage Player
SW-101-N The SW-101-N is a waterproof digital signage player designed for both indoor and harsh outdoor environments. It is built to withstand dust, water and extreme temperatures in mind, ensuring the system’s stable operation and reliability in harsh industrial environments. It meets IP68 standards, allowing it to handle submersion in water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters. The black-color waterproof enclosure utilizes a C3 HDMI connector and M12 I/O interface connectors for two USB 2.0, one Gigabit LAN, one RS232, DC power input, and digital I/O. Two antenna N jack type connectors have waterproof design as well. Aside from being fanless, the unit has a wide operating temperature range of -40°C ~ 75°C.
taiwanexcellence2020 Taiwan Excellence 2020
SI-324 UHD 4x4K Digital Signage Player
SI-324 The SI-324 is a digital signage player that supports 4 independent displays with individual 4K resolution and provides flexible settings for video wall configurations. It supports the latest Ryzen™ Embedded V1000 processors and integrates IBASE sole iCONTROL intelligent energy-saving green technology and the Observer remote monitoring technology. It also built in with hardware EDID function.
https://www.taiwanexcellence.org/en/award/product/41952 Taiwan Excellence 2019
MAI602-M4D80 Automatic Control Fanless System
MAI602-M4D80 The MAI602-M4D80 is a fanless embedded system designed for motion control applications in the automation market. It provides excellent computing power and has a built-in 4-axis motor control module that meets the performance and positioning accuracy requirements of high-performance servo amplifiers. The system utilizes side openings for entry and exit when routing cables of expansion modules.
https://www.taiwanexcellence.org/en/award/product/41954 Taiwan Excellence 2019
MPT-3000RP IP67 Waterproof Railway Fanless System

The MPT-3000RP is an EN50155-TX certified and IP67-rated embedded system offering water and shock resistance for outdoor applications and was developed to meet IIoV, Intelligent Internet of Vehicle requirements. It features full vehicle battery power control function and employs interchangeable modular power supplies supporting a variety of inputs that is certified to meet various requirements.

https://www.taiwanexcellence.org/en/award/product/41953 Taiwan Excellence 2019
DRD-037-PC Double-Side Bar-Type Panel PC

The DRD-037PC is an ultra-wide 21:6 dual-screen computer designed for smart transportation market applications. It features IP65 dust and water protection and a single motherboard to drive screen display on two sides. With the transportation environment in mind, this product was made to comply with EN50155 rolling stock equipment and EN45545-2 fire protection standards for railway applications.

https://www.taiwanexcellence.org/en/award/product/41951 Taiwan Excellence 2019

2018 Taiwan Excellence Award and 2017 COMPUTEX d&i awards winner, the UMT-7211, is a 21.5" versatile Medical Panel PC designed for hospital patient infotainment system for the clinic, bedside or waiting areas to provide clinical data, medical records management, or simply infotainment. This slender full-flat multi-touch fanless panel PC has IP65 and IP54 protection against particles and water, and capacitive control keypads for power and brightness/volume settings. Supporting 90V~240V AC and isolated Ethernet, the unit has extra I/Os and one PCI-E (x4) expansion slot for customer-desired peripherals. An added feature is an LED reading light bar at the base providing illumination exactly where needed.

Taiwan Excellence 2018
COMPUTEX d&i awards 2017

2017 COMPUTEX d&i awards winner, the SI-623-N, is a 3x 4K UHD digital signage system designed for digital menu board and multi-screen video wall applications. This fanless system features three independent HDMI outputs with up to 4K (3840 x 2160) @60p. It comes with hardware EDID simulation and software setting mode to prevent screen convergence problems and issues due to cable disconnection or failure to identify software settings. The unit is also integrated with IBASE's unique iSMART intelligent energy-saving technology. Its slim chassis allows it to perfectly hide behind small spaces of the screen to save space.

COMPUTEX d&i awards 2017

2016 Best Choice Award winner, the MPT-3000R, is a multiple-purpose IoT railway system specifically designed for railway transportation applications. Featuring a cable-less power module and network communication capabilities, the fanless MPT-3000R supports dual WAN slots that provide redundant wireless communication. Unlike competing products with all-in-one construction in the market, this innovative system is designed with a separate cable-less power module that can self debug and is swappable based on different power requirements. Operating in temperatures from -40°C to 70°C, the unit has built-in G-sensor shock protection that can be adjusted according to the dynamic and environmental conditions that prevail.

Best Choice Award 2016

2016 COMPUTEX d&i awards winner, the SI-613, is a digital signage system designed to deliver digital menu boards and restaurant signage. Featuring triple HDMI 2.0 with 4096 x 2160 resolutions per display and hardware EDID emulation function, it is built with segregated flow ventilation and supports the latest 6th Generation Intel core processors with dual ultra-high-resolution 4K video playback. The system integrates IBASE's unique iSMART intelligent energy-saving, allowing users to operate either remotely or through the Internet to enable advanced functions such as device, power, asset and user management, as well as remote recovery access.

COMPUTEX d&i awards 2016

2016 Taiwan Excellence Award winner, the ASTUT-W153-PC, is an all-in-one industrial touch panel computer designed for the IoT and Industrial 4.0, powered by Intel's latest N3000 series processor featuring low power consumption, high performance graphics. The system uses a long-life 15.6-inch industrial-grade LCD screen integrated with multi-point projected capacitive touch screen and optical bonding to provide the best visual effects. ASTUT-W153-PC is built with iSMART 3.0, a green technology developed by IBASE that has environment-friendly functions, including automatic power on/off scheduling, power failure detection, and temperature monitoring to reduce downtime which is especially important in low temperature environments. In addition, the technology features remote system recovery to reduce maintenance and personnel costs, ultra-low temperature system start-up that is useful in the case of failure of protection systems in cold environments, and system core voltages and temperature monitoring, which can prevent costly damage to the system before it happens.
Taiwan Excellence Award 2016

2016 Taiwan Excellence Award winner, the FWA5104, is powered by latest Generation AMD G-Series SOC (Crown Eagle) in a compact, small, energy-efficient system. The platform supports quad-core processing performance and four high-speed Gigabit Ethernet ports, as well has fast PCIe interface for significantly enhanced wireless communications module connections, making it suitable for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Even when integrated with a specially design mounting kit for industrial use, FWA5104 maintains its 42mm height, which meets 1U mechanical specifications. FWA5104 features industry-leading innovation in combining four standard RJ-45 network port, console interface, three standard USB interface, optional DisplayPort, 802.11N + Bluetooth 4.0 antenna, standard CFAST card slot, a standard 2.5-inch disk-size storage, and Kingstone Lock security architecture at the bottom of its B6 paper-size enclosure, thus making it fit to be use as an industrial Internet of Things (IoT) node controller.
Taiwan Excellence Award 2016

2016 Taiwan Excellence Award winner, the SI-304, is an ultra-slim embedded 4x4K digital signage player that provides four independent 4K ultra-high-resolution displays, simultaneously supporting four independent audio outputs. It is the ideal advertising tool for multi-screen TV wall promotion. SI-304 is integrated with IBASE unique iSMART intelligent energy-saving that allow users to operate remotely or through the internet to enable advanced functions such as auto power on/off scheduling, power resume, low temperature guardian and intelligent system recovery. Independent thermal design of the SI-304 prevents dust and contaminants from disrupting the electronics due to rise in system temperature in order to ensure the digital player’s optimum operation, stability and reliability.
Taiwan Excellence Award 2016

2016 Taiwan Excellence Award and 2015 Best Choice Award winner, the SI-60E, is an innovative 8K digital signage player built specifically for multi-screen video wall display applications. Packed with a 4th Gen. Intel Core i7 processor and the latest AMD E8860 GPU, it supports up to 12 display outputs featuring EDID emulation and Eyefinity function. This aesthetically designed player offers awesome 3D graphics performance with resolutions up to 7680 x 3600. To enhance system stability and ensure long term reliability with minimum acoustic footprint, the cooling airflow is segregated from the electronics to keep contaminants out.

Taiwan Excellence Award 2016
Best Choice Award 2015
2015 BC Buyer's Choice Award

2015 iF Design Award and Computex d&i awards winner, the SE-92, is a ruggedized fanless system built specifically for outdoor and in-vehicle applications. Packed with the latest 5th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, it supports wide-temperature operation ranging from -40 °C to 75 °C, making it ideal for harsh-environment applications. With an all solid-state design, the system is built around an aluminum thermal frame that serves simultaneously as the entire system’s structural backbone, thermal conduit, airflow divider, EMI shield and mounting bracket for easy installation. Not only is the SE-92 made with reliability and practical functions in mind, it also comes with an esthetic design.
iF Design Award 2015
Computex d&i awards 2015

2015 Taiwan Excellence Award winner, the ARTSI-32TM, is an innovative 32-inch transparent double-screen digital signage display system that features two tiers of distinct Full HD class 3D image displays. It is not equipped with any 3D hardware device, yet it can produce attractive 3D visual effects, and can be a very good marketing and promotion tool. This product has multi-screen display technology patent applications. The sample product to be displayed is to be placed inside the box, which has a transparent LCD screen in front that does not obstruct the item and at the back is an LCD display with regular brightness. The arrangement allows the product sample in the middle to be viewed from different perspective, completely free of the item’s shadow. The outer transparent LCD screen and the inner normal-brightness LCD screen display’s synchronized video content can be managed to give a smooth presentation of the sample product. The viewer is able to see the outer LCD screen image, the sample product itself, and also the image of the rear LCD screen. Together, they project special visual effects with 3D depth of the merchandise displayed.
Taiwan Excellence Award 2015

2013 Taiwan Excellence Award winner, the BST-1850 Multi-touch Bedside Terminal, is a multifunctional slim 18.5” panel PC designed especially for bedside medical care applications. The system provides nursing care, real-time clinical data, medical records management and multiple infotainment functions. BST-1850 comes with a capacitive multi-touch panel that is built in with an iPhone-level functionality in one body. It supports various I/O functions for webcam, speakers, card reader and RFID, as well as other peripherals based on customer’s demand. This panel PC can also be used as a patient leisure infotainment system.
Taiwan Excellence Award 2013
2012 Computex Taipei design & innovation Gold Award, Industrial Innovation Achievement Award and 2013 iF Product Design award winner, the SI-38, is an ultra slim embedded system designed specifically for digital signage applications. Packing a fusion processor with discrete class graphics and multiple display outputs, its 25mm thick chassis is nevertheless slender enough to disappear into the tightest spaces behind displays. The system is built around a die-cast aluminum thermal frame that serves simultaneously as the entire system’s structural backbone, thermal conduit, airflow divider, HDD rail, EMI shield and mounting bracket. To ensure long term reliability with a minimum acoustic footprint, the cooling airflow is segregated from the electronics to keep contaminants out.
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2012 Computex Taipei design & innovation Gold Award

Jury’s Opinion: “The entire jury, myself included, was happy to see design attention being paid to this quite utilitarian back-room product. The design team responsible realized that attention to design would help communicate a point of view that this company cares about its users. The design was quite well executed.”

iF product design award 2013
2012 Industrial Innovation Achievement Award
2012 Computex Taipei design & innovation Award winner, the AFB100, is a highly compact yet expandable fanless platform for embedded computing. It is the first system built on the eFlex Platform. eFlex systems offer a unique set of attributes that allow a single machine to accommodate a vast range of embedded application. eFlex system comprises three core component sets – eFlex mainboards, enclosures and expansion boards. It utilizes non-proprietary ExpressCard, mSATA and MiniPCIe expansion cards to facilitate expansion and customization. The low profile (30mm) eFlex enclosures are mechanically interchangeable between eFlex mainboards. They feature standardized I/O bays and plates.
2012 Computex Taipei design & innovation Award
2009 Computex Taipei design & innovation Gold Award, 2010 iF product design awrad and 2010 Taiwan Excellence Award winners, the SI-24S, is an ultra slim embedded system tailored for Digital Signage Applications. It combines the graphics performance of an ATI E2400 GPU with 128MB of dedicated GDDR3 video memory and the efficient computing resources of an AMD Dual-Core CPU. The low power, energy saving SI-24S supports dual High Definition independent displays with DVI-I interfaces. A segregated flow thermal solution prevents the accumulation of contaminants on the system’s electronics, and dual maglev fans provides for worry-free 24/7 operation over extended durations. The chassis is designed with mounting brackets for easy installation. Dimensions of the unit are 260mm(W)x175mm(D)x30mm(H).
2009 Computex Taipei design & innovation Gold Award
iF product design award 2010
Taiwan Excellence Award 2010